More than 300 animals confiscated at pet shop after almost 600 citations issued by Animal Control

Fish Bowl Pet Supplies' license suspended

INDIANAPOLIS - Indianapolis Animal Care and Control Officers confiscated almost 400 animals at Fish Bowl Pet Supplies at 2101 East Michigan, after an inspection showed the shop was not in compliance with several rules.

During the inspection last week, IACC issued 581 citations for care and treatment of the animals at the pet shop.
They found hundreds of dead animals, mostly fish and lizards, as well as filthy conditions.

"The concern we have are the animals were resting in their own feces," said Dan Shackle, IACC administrator. "There were many dead fish at the top of the tanks that appeared to have been in a matter of decay which means they had been there for a long time."
Officers on scene told Call 6 Investigators they are not aware of any previous case involving that many citations issued in one day.
Officers gave the owner, Bill Houston, several days to come into compliance, but according to IACC, he has not.

"I don't think the place was that bad," Houston said. "I'm sure every pet shop you can find something wrong."
Thursday, IACC executed a warrant and confiscated an unknown number of animals including alligators, scorpions, iguanas and other lizards.
Because the fish are more difficult to transport, most of the fish will stay at the Fish Bowl for now, but Animal Care and Control plans to monitor them.
Shackle said code enforcement issued an emergency suspension of the shop's license, meaning they cannot sell pets for the time being.

"I'm about ready to cry, really," Houston said. "I'm going to lose everything."
A court hearing is scheduled for March 20 at 2 p.m. with regards to the care and treatment citations.

"We want people to care for their animals in the city whether it be citizens, or shelters or rescues, fosters, especially pet shops," Shackle said. "It's just very unfortunate."

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